Product Review 101: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale



Ladies, we all love our hair: long or short, natural or relaxed. Therefore, you will do anything to maintain it and look good. I mean, it is the crown you came with into this world.

Today, it’s about natural hair in particular. This is hair that is chemical free and simply, the texture and feel of hair you were born with. I’ve been a natural since, majorly because my mum would never let me relax my hair. It took me a while to actually stop obsessing on relaxed hair and little longer to actually love and embrace my own. I would go from braiding to shaving in a breath, because I hated its texture and feel.

However, after I decided to love my kinks, I took it upon myself to learn everything about my hair and how to take good care of it. This goes from products to use and how to style it. Getting the right products was the biggest hustle, since most products were made for relaxed hair, while others contained harmful chemicals for my hair. My hair is a 4c type by the way : the driest type of hair, which means it’s prone to breakage and is in constant need of moisture. It’s shrinkage power is on another level too.


Any natural with this hair type knows the hustle to take care of it since it’s so delicate. It took me ages to know about my hair type before I got the right products for it. Fortunately, earlier on this year, Dark and Lovely launched a range of products for all natural hair types, making the natural hair movement an easier one.

I’ll give my review of two of their products from this line that I started using and haven’t been disappointed.



My favourite thing about this shampoo is the fragrance. The mango scent is amazing and the results are even better. For one whose hair gets dry super fast, this shampoo feels like a conditioner. It doesn’t strip one’s hair of it’s natural oils, which tends to give your hair that squeaky kinda feel after a wash. It cleanses ones hair pretty well and leaves it feeling ‘alive’.


With a similar fragrance like the shampoo, this conditioner detangles even the kinkiest of natural hair, giving you easy time to comb through it after the wash. Once you rinse your after 5 to 10 minutes as recommended , you can literally feel the moisture retained in every strand of your hair.

I honestly recommend these two products to any naturalist whose been looking for hair products that suits her needs when it comes to a shampoo and conditioner. There are plenty more products in the AU NATURALE  line to try out. I know I will.






Hello my good people, welcome back to my blog.

It’s been almost two months since I decided to have a self-hosted blog. It’s been a joyful and equally hectic task trying to figure out what content to put out there for you guys. However, I decided to share my go to apps when it comes to blogging, since they help me out in the occasional art block in regards to creating content.



I love taking pictures, no lie about that. Of places, people and things that fascinate me. However, around 10% make it to the gram due to my loyalty to curating a cohesive feed. This is my go to app when I want to showcase my art and get some eye candy from some accounts I follow too. We are all visual beings.


My go to app when I want to share a new blog post. From blogging groups to my friends and followers, Facebook will forever be the pioneer social media/sharing app.


Another social media bigwig, a blogger needs to stay ahead and know what’s trending and what’s not. No better way to do this but through Twitter. It’s also a plus on sharing any new work you have done.

Other social media apps bloggers might find resourceful are Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, and LinkedIn.



This will always be my favourite editor on the go. With 50+ presets to choose from, believe me, most if not all bloggers use this to edit their pictures.


What is there not to like about this app? From double exposure ( a new fascination of mine) to curves to play with to achieve a certain look to pictures, there’s so much to do with this app too.


Most apps allow one to make collages, which comes in handy sometimes. However, very few allow you to overlay your pictures. Say hello to photolayers, which allows one to do more than just combine photos.


I love to curate my feed to give a certain look and feel to it. Therefore, I tend to want to see the overrall look before I post any picture to my gram. PLANN allows me to do that. One can decide to use a free plan or the other plans, paying a small fee to get statistics too. This is a plus if you own an instagram business account.


These last three all serve a different purpose and are equally important.


If you want any idea: outfits, diys or inspiration, this app has it all. You can create your own board and pin some of you work too. This is like my go to app to look for inspiration, any day.


Tutorials. We all have watched one to get like a visual idea on how to do something, I know I have. A major resource app for bloggers who later want to start on vlogging too.


Every blogger gets important e-mail: from appreciation mail to blog collaborations. It’s one way to keep in touch with your audience from time to time.

There you go people, a little insight on great apps coming your way. Happy blogging.



Hello there! Welcome back to my blog😄!!!

For the past few weeks in school, I’ve noticed something fascinating in movies and pictures by various photographers I draw inspiration from on social media. What do you think photography and filmmaking have in common???


That’s right. I’ve been going gaga over cameras for close to a year now and I plan to do so until I get my own and start messing around.However, this is not about cameras in particular but the types of shots any filmmaker and photographer should be familiar with.

I’ll break down the various shots and their importance in any film or shoot.


In films, there is the extreme long shot that shows at the beginning of it or when a scene changes from one place to another.The same applies in shoots, to show a particular area.In photography, full body shots are majorly long shots. It captures the background where the subject is or in most cases, full outfit details.



In films, medium shots are common during dialogues between characters in a particular scene. This helps to capture the emotions the characters potray. In a shoot, medium shots carry out the same function. These are mainly waist up shoots of the subject or subjects.



I must admit, this is my favorite shot. In photography, it’s commonly known as portraits where the face in the main feature, with very minimal background showcase. It’s also in films, where the characters is shown up close and the audience can know in most cases, what’s happening to the character.


The biggest advantage of capturing all these shots is that a photographer or filmmaker is able to tell a story.In photography, it helps to save one on the hassle of cropping the picture to suit their needs. Well, there you go, a little insight on what to cover in shoots and film scenes. Until next time, live and make thy art.

Model: @_vegah_








Instagram has got to be one of the most used social media platforms in the world. I must admit, it’s like this large digital magazine with everyone posting photos: artists, models, celebrities, business people and just anyone who owns an account.

I’m a sucker for eye candy. I’m talking about a carefully curated instagram feed that just blows my mind and leaves me wondering, how do they do this?

Not every one can be a celebrity, which has the perks of a huge following on instagram or likes within seconds on any photo they post. However, just about anyone can make the cut with an aesthetically pleasing account that will get you an engaged audience: be it for business, leisure or just the joy of making art on instagram with a cohesive feed.

I admit, being an artist and blogger got me thinking about giving my feed this look and feel that is pleasing to anyone who looks at it.Probably, being a sucker for perfection when it comes to my art too.

I’ve got a few tips to build a cohesive instagram feed that may come in handy.


Instagram is practically about sharing pictures. Therefore, you want to make sure that all the pictures you post are good enough to get anyone double tapping on them.


I’ve seen accounts that look pretty neat because of their layouts. From picture to quote layout, to three by three picture then quote layout. The list is endless and it depends on your preference.I started on a picture quote layout but realised I love to play with photos most.


Probably a favourite for artists, content creators and bloggers. One can choose one or two colours that will stand out in all their pictures. I chose white and black, a very neutral to work with but it’s worth the hustle. I blend it with blue, green and nudes for a minimalistic and earthy feel. You can also decide to use your favourite colour.


What would you want your instagram to tell about you? People can tell a lot about you and what you are passion about with the theme you decide to put out there. My feed is probably either of art, books and my favourite drinks. I create my story with what catches my eye too. Choose what you’d like to appear most in your feed and just go with it.


When I talk about consistency, it’s not about one exact picture all the time. I am talking about editing and filters. I use VSCO when I edit my pictures. I use two to three particular filters : A5/A6 and S2/SE3 and go through a similar editing process when it comes to exposure, contrast, saturation and shadows. Trust me, with time, the pictures start to fall into place.


One thing you should know is that you can’t do it on your own. To start, finding inspiration helps to give you ideas on how you want your feed to look like. Then, go ahead and make your own mark. Be careful not to copy everything though, being unique is the whole point.


This is a delicate but useful area. Most people have an attachment to pictures and would like to post all of them.However, to have a cohesive feed, choosing the pictures that go well with your theme helps and deleting the ones that don’t make the cut will pay off with the overall look of your feed.




There you go, a few tips to get your feed looking all delicious. Go forth and curate thy feed!!!


Hey you😃!!!

New month, last quarter of the year and you are wondering, what next???Well, good news is, I’m at that point too😂.

Well, that’s until I found out that Kisumu, the lakeside city in Kenya, has got some pretty neat places to just sit back and chill.I’m talking about chilling at the rooftop.


THE ROAN ROOFTOP. This joint is located at the top of Ayange Plaza,at the heart of the Central Business District. Open throughout the week, it’s a place one can just go and dig in at the top😂😂😂.


From different cuisines and an array of drinks to go with, it’s a place you must pass by while in Kisumu.







And a little spoiler, they have themes for every day of the week😉!!! For a great start of the month, THE ROAN ROOFTOP should be in your bucketlist this month. Foodies, business folks and partyrockers, you wouldn’t want to miss this place.





And a big thank you to @theroanrooftop